In my limited experience, there’s nothing more humiliating than trying to write a book. Like most people, I don’t like humiliation so I’ve gotten good at excuses. I’m not really a writer. I’m a mom, an English teacher, an international development worker, now a farmer (of all things!!) and I dabble in writing periodically. But … More Imposter!

The Peaceful Place

Amani Gardens Inn on Church Road in Westlands, Nairobi, used to be called The Mennonite Guest House. For decades–in fact, since 1964, as anyone who stays here and logs on to WiFi knows, this remodeled British military barracks has been where Mennonite-affiliated missionaries, church workers, and NGO types wash up between assignments. It’s where they … More The Peaceful Place

Winter Systems

It’s been snowing a lot lately. It’s been eight years–nine years!! since we’ve seen any snow, except for a shrinking glacier when we climbed Mount Kenya right after Christmas in 2015. While we lived in Kenya and Ethiopia we usually went to Mombasa over Christmas, but that year we must have been particularly desperate for … More Winter Systems

Goodbye, 2021: Coffee With a Friend. Remembering Birtukan Sinshaw.

A year ago, Bruce and I were about to move from Ethiopia, our home since 2016, to Virginia. In the middle of our preparations, I tested positive for covid. I had only the slightest of symptoms–a telltale fever of 99, a hint of a headache, a bit of GI discomfort. I went to bed for … More Goodbye, 2021: Coffee With a Friend. Remembering Birtukan Sinshaw.

Quail and Manna

Last Sunday our service was about the Israelites complaining in the desert. After they couldn’t take the wilderness one more day, they began to romanticize about their captivity in Egypt and actually longed to GO BACK. Go back to being slaves in Egypt! Like a bad breakup you can never quite get over. It wasn’t … More Quail and Manna