If a picture is a thousand words–then a video is a novel!

Click the link to view my collection of farm videos. Lately it seems I’ve posted more videos than I have blogs! Enjoy browsing the day-to-day lives of our animals. Or sample a few favorite photos of farm life below!

Look at her ears outlined in black! And the way her horns point in different directions. I call her 3:42. Or should it be 8:14? What do you think?
A new-for-us log cabin built in the 1850s
Luna and her fan, Fanuel
Luna and her favorite footstool, Bruce
An early morning visitor to a stalk of goldenrod
Bruce and Rose, founders and owners of HomeAgain Farm
Neighborhood goat groupies. They helped name these young Boer girls.
Herding turkeys!
A gaggle of hens
Our free range broiler chickens get moved every day