About Us

Youngest to oldest: Jacob, Daniel, Andrew, and Christian with Bruce at sunset on our Virginia farm. The guys in the family had taken a no-shave vow during COVID, and these beards marked our post-COVID reunion.

We call ourselves the BuckSheFus family–a portmanteau word that’s combination of all our last names. We are–the Stoltzfus boys, who took the last name of their biological father, Reuben Stoltzfus, who died in 2005. Rose Shenk, mother, wife, development worker, English teacher, aspiring farmer, and the writer of this (and other) blogs. Bruce Buckwalter, father, husband, logistician, country director, school bus driver, and aspiring farmer–the newest member of the family who married all of us in 2010 and made us a regular family one again. There are many types of beautiful family combinations, and this particuar one we’re in is a hoot!

When the boys were still in middle school and high school, we made the decision to move to Kenya, East Africa. A few years after that we went one country north to Ethiopia and worked for Mennonite Central Committee. Our experience as Country Representatives with MCC is recorded in my other blog, Mystery and Wonder.

Rose and Bruce in the Ethiopian mountains

Now we’re back in the US after almost 10 years of living in Africa. People keep asking us what we’re going to do now.

Hopefully this blog answers that question!